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    An old and big tree in front of the Pasirsuren village office, residents are worried that it will fall

    Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2022, 02:40 WIB Last Updated 2022-08-26T19:41:01Z


    Portalmiliter | Sukabumi,-National road 3 which is lined with large mahogany trees that are quite old, especially in the Pasirsuren area, including in front of the village of Pasirsuren, Pelabuhanratu District, Sukabumi Regency, is feared to fall when strong winds come.

    To the media crew of the Military Portal, M. Enyang Jaelani, the head of Pasirsuren village, Friday, August 26, 2022, said "Regarding the big trees, mostly mahogany, which look old along national road 3, especially the road through Kampung Pasirsuren, for example in front of the village there is a tree that can be seen. I'm worried that if there is a strong wind, it could fall, if to the right it can hit several houses of residents as well as road users who pass by," he said.

    "Don't let it be too late to handle it for at least pruning before the trees fall," he explained.

    "We from the village have sent a previous application to the relevant office for the pruning of the fragile and old tree, but there is no news when it was cut down," he said.

    Meanwhile, one resident whose house is not far from the location of the tree, expressed his anxiety, "Yes, if there are strong winds especially accompanied by heavy rain, we are afraid that the tree will fall towards our house, and it will definitely block the flow of traffic on the protocol road. national 3 ," concluded Initial I, who refused to be named.

    R Iyan Sapta Nurdiansyah, SE



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